Ghostwriting&Guest Authorship

Editors of Challenges of modern technology in the interest of scientific integrity of submitted articles prevents cases of „ghostwriting" and „guest authorship".

  • "Ghostwriting" - if someone has made a substantial contribution to this publication, without revealing his participation as one of the authors or without mention of his role in the acknowledgments of the publication.
  • "Guest authorship" ("honorary authorship") - where's author participation is negligible or even not taken place, and yet it is the author / co-author of the publication.


  1. Editors may require authors to disclose contributions from different authors in the creation of publications (indicating their affiliation and contribution, or Information Who is the author of concepts, principles, methods, protocol, etc. used in the preparation of publications), the main responsibility lies with the author declarant article.
  2. All detected cases will be unmasked, including notification of the relevant actors (institutions employing the authors, learned societies, associations, scientific editors, etc.).
  3. Editors may wish to obtain information about the sources of funding of publications, contribution to research institutions, associations and other entities ("financial disclosure").
  4. Editors documenting all forms of scientific misconduct, especially violations and breaches of ethics applicable in Science
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