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Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering

Dean and the Scientific Council
of the Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering
Warsaw University of Technology

are honoured to invite you to

Faculty's Ceremony
of the Inauguration of the Academic Year 2017/2018

The Ceremony will be held 2nd October 2017 at 14:15 in the Grand Hall of the Main Building of Warsaw University of Technology, Pl. Politechniki 1

Program of the Ceremony
1. The National Anthem
2. Address of the Dean, Professor Krzysztof Wojdyga
3. Speech by invited guests
4. Matriculation
5. Address of the Representative of the Student Union
6. Handing of congratulation letters of the Dean to the distinguished alumni
7. Handing of awards of the Rector of Warsaw University of Technology
8. Inauguration lecture by prof. Paweł Popielski
9. "Gaudeamus"

Attention: The presence of new enrolled students is obligatory. Information meeting for new enrolled students starts at 13:00 in the Environmental Engineering Faculty Building, ul. Nowowiejska 20, Room #609

The Faculty is a part of the Warsaw University of Technology, the oldest technical university in Poland, and one of the largest and highest-ranking in Central Europe. The Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering conducts its principal educational and scientific mission along with applied research and services in a wide range of disciplines related to environmental engineering and protection.


Our website is divided into several sections. Section "Faculty" provides information of general interest, while "Admission" is addressed to prospective students, and "Students" contains information for current students of Faculty. We would like to encourage you to browse through this site, and to familiarize yourselves with all aspects of our work.


Teaching at the academic institution is a demanding mission. One of the most difficult tasks of the faculty members is selecting topics and ensuring that academic programs timely follow the worldwide progress in science and technology. Therefore, to deliver high teaching quality, we rely on an active involvement in scientific research



Our principal duty - education - fulfills the mission of the Warsaw University of Technology "shaping the future social elites ― educated people with a broad outlook on the world, conscious of their own views but also understanding and respecting the world views of others". The key role of the University is to foresee trends in development, to create a vision of future, and to spearhead progress towards achieving this vision.



Our activities focus on the meeting place between environment and technology. Working at the technical university makes it easier to understand technology and how it endangers the environment; it also serves as a good base for developing solutions for protecting the environment. A multidisciplinary approach helps us face the diverse and complex environmental issues,


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